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Straightforward Pricing

PortalConnect Virtual Care provides you with a platform where you can virtually meet with a healthcare professional whenever you need to and access your health record and important documents 24/7.

Find Your Plan

Imagine being able to connect with the same provider virtually whenever you need to.

No need to meet someone new every time and take up much of the meeting explaining your medical history. Simply book an appointment when needed and choose between an instant messaging, phone or video visit, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Choose from our Individual or Family plan and opt for either a monthly or yearly subscription!

Individual Plan



  • Provider matching technology
  • Virtual appointment bookings (unlimited)
  • Online prescriptions
  • Centralized medical records
  • Same-day appointments

Family Plan



  • All the benefits of the Individual Plan
  • Register up to 6 family members

Please note that by subscribing to a PortalConnect Membership plan, you are paying a low monthly fee for a technological platform that matches you with a healthcare professional and provides secure 24/7 access to your online health summary through your PortalConnect account. We only provide the technology used by both patients and medical professionals. Co-pays still apply.