How do I make an appointment?

  1. Click the Appointments menu
  2. Then select the sub menu option Book Appointment.
  3. Select a provider in the Which provider? menu.
  4. Select an appointment type in the What kind of visit? section.
  5. In the When? section, choose your appointment date by clicking a day on the calendar. You will not be allowed to select dates on which your provider is unavailable. Available dates are represented in blue. Unavailable dates are faded.
  6. Select the time of your appointment.
  7. In the Reason for visit? section, indicate the reason for your appointment request.
  8. Click Add Attachment if you want to append a file to your request.
  9. Click the Schedule button to submit your appointment request.
  10. A second screen provides a detailed confirmation of your visit. Click OK to close the window.
  11. You are then redirected to the main PortalConnect page.

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