How do I send a secure message to my provider?

PortalConnect offers a secure message section where you receive messages from the system and your provider. Using this tool, you can communicate with your provider efficiently and securely. 

To send a secure message to your provider: 

  1. Go to the Messages section and click the Compose Message link. 
  2. In the To field, type the first letters of your provider’s name and select him/her in the menu that appears. Enter your Subject and Message. You can also append a document to your message by clicking Add Attachment. 
  3. Click Send to transmit the message to your provider. 

System messages are automated PortalConnect messages. These include confirmations when you subscribe to your provider’s membership plans and when you book appointments. Messages you receive from your provider are in your Inbox, in the Messages menu. 

Unread messages are indicated by the blue vertical bar to the left of the message. Click in the row of a message to read its contents. 

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